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There is no easy path in the digital domain when it comes to security. I wanted to put out a warning to about Malvertising. Malvertising can happen on ANY web site that streams advertisements. NO SITE is immune, so think twice about clicking that ad for 50% off from your favorite because it may be too good to be true.
With Cyber Monday coming up, be careful out there.
Malvertising is the process of sending malicious code in online advertisements—infecting users. There is a good article on that speaks to the dangers located here
We have been beefing up security services, including managed workstations, managed antivirus, and vulnerability assessments. We will soon announce our newest security certification that is focused on developing comprehensive security policies for local networks and web environments. More information here
Be careful out there and remember to change your passwords on a regular basis. Also, don’t forget to audit your credit card bill every month (especially for micro charges of a $1 or less). Digital thieves steal small amounts on many cards with the intent of you not noticing.