Creating structured content that is visually pleasing and interesting to your target market is key to success. Eye tracking technology has been around for some time, but getting value from study results can be challenging. Quirk's recent article on eye tracking sheds some insight into the benefits (and pitfalls) of how to get the most out this technology. Dashboards are a fundamental visual differentiation for a range of applications, from energy management systems to cloud management. Getting a visually differentiated user interface is hard to get right the first time, and easy to get...

Peer 1 Hosting has created an very cool 3D visualization map of all the interconnected networks with ISPs, exchange points, and other fun stuff. The app even has a traceroute function. While there are plenty of Internet traffic maps out there, this one has a great interface and easy to use.

And it's free.


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Depending on what side of the fence you sit, patent trolls are either good or evil... very few opinions are on the fence. If this law passes into law, there are lots of litigators that may need to find a new source of income (new business model), specifically in how to negotiate with companies that "may" be infringing on intellectual property.  "The law of the club and fang" will only go so far, at least in decent society.


I am surprised that only one-fifth of Marriott hotels have an energy management system... Hotels stand to gain a great deal of energy savings through occupancy based energy management, occupancy is their business. Done right, energy management systems can be feature in a few ways: attracting eco-minded customers, creating beautiful and esthetically pleasing graphics (art) to integrate into the building, and of course saving money.


Telkonet Selected...

Demand Response is a viable way for building owners to cash in on energy efficiency. This nice article from ECS (Energy Curtailment Specialists)  outlines 5 benefits. In short, making money, saving money, short implementation period, good for the community, and good for the environment. The building owners I have interacted with will no doubt-ably focus on the first two.

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Very interesting article by deepfiled on CDN MarketShare. Deepfield looks like a very interesting services for service analytics. The players in the CDN market have changed significantly over the past 15 years, with the notable exception Akamai.

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I am very happy to see that the work I did to develop an Energy Management System for SunScience was recognized in a positive way by NCET.

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